Introduction of VN Karazin Kharkiv National Medical University

Kharkov is the second-largest city in Ukraine. In the northeast of the country, it is the largest city of the Slobozhanshchyna historical region, Founded in 1654, Kharkov became the first city in Ukraine where the Soviet power was proclaimed and Soviet government was formed. Kharkov was the first capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, from December 1919 to January 1934, after which the capital relocated to Kiev
Presently, Kharkov is a major cultural, scientific, and educational, transport and industrial centre of Ukraine, with 6 museums, 7 theatres and 80 libraries.
Kharkov National Medical University (KNMU) Ukraine is one of the oldest higher educational establishments of Ukraine. It was founded in 1805 as the Medical Faculty of the Kharkov University. Kharkov Medical Institute and Kharkov State Medical University are old names of Kharkov National Medical University (KNMU).


The climate is cold and temperate. The rainfall in Kharkov is significant, with precipitation even during the driest month. This climate is considered to be Dfb according to the Köppen-Geiger.



Quality of Medical Education.
You are exposed to European Union Standards when you study at Ukraine.
Your class strength is not high. The doctor to student ratio will be not more than 1:10.
There is no big student professor divide. Hence you can interact freely with professors and keep on clearing your doubts and increase your subject knowledge.
You are exposed to hospital systems.
Your education is more practical oriented than class room oriented.
While you stay at Ukraine, you have more access to other European universities and methods and you can even visit European countries and enhance your knowledge and competency.
At the end of 6 years, you will be a fully fledged doctor of International standards and on the strength of your competence; you can attend interviews in a better way, both in India and anywhere in the world.
You will be studying in a very multi-cultural environment that will enrich and expand your life and sense of life
The Universities under the Ministry of Health of Ukraine are recognized by WHO, USA, IMED, and MCI by most medical councils around world.